The Manifest brand has been going strong and steady since 2004. In that time, a lot of brands have come and gone but we are still here. My goal when starting this business was to create a brand that was for the fans, by the fans. I noticed there wasn’t anyone doing it the right way, so i decided to create Manifest Worldwide and it’s been on ever since. And to think all this started with a few t-shirts printed on a kitchen table and cooked in the oven. Since then, the Manifest brand has grown into a well respected brand that is carried in select stores around the world.

We are your favorite b•boy’s, dj’s, mc’s, producer’s, artist’s, teacher’s, student’s and average Joe’s real hip hop brand. We’ve done this by creating clean and classic graphics with a mix of golden age flavor. The Manifest brand is the original purveyor of the old school and will continue to preserve the culture design at a time.