Scarface - Black Still (Video)


Texas' Chuck D counterpart Brad Jordan AKA Scarface revisits Public Enemy's 1989 classic banger Black steel in the hour of chaos with his late 2017 entry Black Still. The track sounds like a reconstruction of PE's using the bassline, fuzz guitar and most importantly the pulsing piano keys from Issac Hayes' top 10 breaks period, Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic. 

The video gives us white folks a glimpse at black america having to deal with a racist president, a modern day successor to plantation overseers in our police force, the Black Lives Matter movement and knowledge of self as a black American in 2017. Dead Prez used the phrase Revolutionary but Gangsta back in their heyday and Scarface definitely embodies that sentiment, decade after decade. 

Scarface new full LP Deeply Rooted; The Lost Files drops 12/15. -Skylar Woodman